About Us

Servax Corporation, based in Sialkot, Pakistan, was established in 2018 and has become a prominent supplier of contract manufacturing services for clients looking for the top surgical instrument maker. Servax Corporation was founded on a brand-new, custom business model with contract manufacturing in mind. This model is centered on hand craftsmanship and creativity, bolstered by production procedures meant to swiftly and affordably take your instruments or gadgets from concept to mass production.

What Makes Us the Best?
Medical professionals can use our surgical instruments in a variety of medical procedures. Making the appropriate instrument choice is crucial to providing your patients with high-quality medical care. We take great satisfaction in producing the newest tools available, which improve and streamline any surgical procedure. We supply you with dependable tools at a reasonable rate. To guarantee the longevity and quality of the instruments, our artisans demand consistent and high-quality assessment protocols. We also provide modifications to fulfill your specific surgical requirements.

Our Goal
By serving as their go-to manufacturing partner, we assist forward-thinking businesses seeking to swiftly move their surgical instruments and implant concepts from concept to full-scale market production while meeting or surpassing industry delivery standards.
Our Objective
Servax promises to pay attention to the needs of the surgical community and respond with high-quality, precisely crafted surgical equipment and implants. We promise to meet our esteemed clients' expectations by delivering our items on schedule.
Our Promise to Clients
We ensure the quality of our work by streamlining and optimizing every step of the process, from planning and bidding to manufacturing and quality control. We guarantee on-time delivery of a repeatable quality product by our dedication to continual quality improvement.
To do this, we
Selecting, educating, and enabling staff to become the top engineers, artisans, and machinists in the business. Giving the creation of high-quality goods the priority. Putting in place and managing manufacturing, quality control, and customer service systems and procedures that enable us to deliver repeatable results.
A Manufacturing Company of the Future
Servax Corporation uses innovative and handcrafted production techniques to quickly and economically transform your instruments and implants from concept to mass production. This revolutionary approach to contract manufacturing is the foundation of the company's business strategy. Above all, we provide our clients with the experience, wisdom, and inventiveness of the most competent and experienced individuals in the medical device production sector.
Our Priority Is Creating Lasting Partnerships
Building long-lasting connections with our clients and continuously delivering high-quality goods that adhere to their exacting deadlines and requirements are essential to our success.

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